In a recent interview, analyst Orya Maqbool Jan made some farcical claims about a dream in which the Holy Prophet (SAW) recommended naming Bajwa as Pakistan’s army chief. Orya claimed that four years before Bajwa became the Army Chief, a professor in Karachi named Dr. Shehzad, had a dream about the appointment of General Bajwa as COAS.

Orya states that in dream Dr. Shehzad saw Our Holy Prophet Muhammad(SAW) and Hazrat Omar Farooq(RA). In his dream, Prophet Muhammad(SAW) asked Hazrat Omar(RA) to bring forward a man name Bajwa.

Hazrat Omar Farooq(RA) came to the court with General Bajwa. Prophet(SAW) wants to give him a file, General Bajwa forwards his left hand but Hazrat Omar(RA) strikes him softly and asks him to bring forward his right hand. Shehzad says that the file has information regarding the appointment of Bajwa as the Chief of Army Staff, but he had no idea whom Bajwa this was.

Orya Maqbool claims that Dr. Shazad saw this dream 4 years ago when Gen Raheel Shareef Rtd. was the Cheif of Army Staff. The professor also told the dream to then Lt. General Bajwa who laughed it off saying that I have 3 4 seniors ahead of me in the line of COAS, and can’t possibly be appointed. Orya Maqbool also claims that the professor was later picked up by the Intelligence Agency (ISI) and beaten up, until he was forced to leave the country.

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