The “killing” of George Floyd has pushed the Covid pandemic on a back-burner in US. The reason I am calling it a “killing” is because the police officer who kneeled on George’s neck has been charged with a second-degree murder. There are protests in more than 400 cities of US while other European states are also seeing massive rallies in solidarity with colored population of US. This incident has been highlighted globally because it was committed in broad daylight but I would like to talk about the systematic persecution of colored population in US.

People say that US is now equal for negros just as it is for her white citizens. They claim that Jim Crow era is now in the history-bin but statistics give us a completely different picture. I often say politics is art and politicians are artists and after analyzing 13th amendment in US constitution, my belief is reaffirmed. 13th amendment was approved in the reign of fabled Abraham Lincoln in 1865. It says neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, ‘except as a punishment for crime’ whereof the party shall have been ‘duly’ convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction. Apparently this amendment was meant to officially end slavery in the States and initially it did, but let’s just focus on the underlined part of the aforementioned text i.e except as a punishment for crime and duly convicted. Now punishing someone for crimes he has committed is the best way to go but when laws are being manipulated, it kills the purpose. State started maneuvering 13th amendment during Nixon’s administration. Nixon’s “law and order” campaign saw massive surge in FBI arrests in black areas. Since then, it’s been worst case scenario for negro population. They have been under strict supervision of FBI. You won’t ever read the biography of any black leader without his name on FBI list. They were considered an epitome of crime, especially drugs. In 1981, a tape of Lee Atwater, campaign strategist of Ronald Reagan, was leaked in which he was explaining the “Southern Strategy”, a strategy devised to win votes of majority of whites in the south.

The above analysis can be substantiated by these startling figures that the lifetime likelihood of imprisonment of white men is 1 in 7 while the ratio in colored men is 1 in 3. Black men are only 6% of US population but they constitute 40% of US prison population. Is it because that negro is a race that has always been inclined towards crime? As a matter of fact, data in hand depicts a different picture.

According to RAINN (Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network), US’s biggest anti-sexual violence organization, 57% of the perpetrators involved in sexual violence belong to white race while 27% belong to black. I would like to recommend all the readers to watch a documentary named “13th”, released in 2016. It gives a brief account on how loopholes in 13th amendment were misused by white politicians to gin white votes, as black votes really didn’t matter.

There are myriads of surveys that shows a similar pattern. And sadly, this prejudice has long been infiltrated or absorbed or soaked in State system. George Floyd also fell victim to this prejudice. The ways of exterminating colored people in US have never ceased to exist- they have just changed.


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