An amazing hero Irrfan Khan from ‘life of pi’, ‘slumdog millionaire’ , ‘the amazing spider man’ and ‘jurassic park’  dies at age 53.

Irrfan khan death

In 2018, Irrfan Khan was diagnosed with a neuroendocrine tumor  – which affects cells that release hormones into the bloodstream. He was taking the treatments. The actor was brought to a Mumbai hospital with a colon infection this week.

He played in a total of 80 films. Born to a privileged family, Sahibzada Irfan Ali khan belonged to a wealthy business family. He was expected to take lead of the family business after father’s death but Irrfan refused. He wanted to be an actor.

 “No-one could have imagined I would be an actor, I was so shy. So thin. But the desire was so intense.” Yet this man was able to  make an impact that many other actors could only desire for.

Irrfan khan death

His amazing roles in the life of pi ‘slumdog millionaire’, ‘the amazing spider-man’, and ‘Jurassic Park’ speak for themselves. His acting was so natural and jaw-dropping, it would almost feel as if all is real and he is talking to you.

“A star joins other stars in the sky. Thank you for everything, Irrfan Khan”, World famous novelist Paulo Coelho tweeted about the loss of a legend.

Legends like Irrfan Khan are not born every day. We pay our salute and respect to Irrfan khan. You will always be remembered.

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