“PTV Dirilis: Ertugrul” is now the new trending topic in Pakistan, and has Pakistani Binge-watching it. The show is about Ertugrul the father of Osman who started the Ottoman Empire that stretched vast territory and time. It was also the empire that captured the legendary city Constantinople a century later.

One of the reasons it has become so famous is that the Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has recommended it. Also one of the main reasons is that the show is family-friendly, avoiding all sorts of nudity as would be depicted in western serials.

Pakistan’s fast bowler Mohammad Amir has also turned out to be a fan of the popular Turkish drama series “PTV Dirlis: Ertugrul”.

On Friday, the fast bowler wrote on Twitter that he thinks one of the actors in the series has a special resemblance to Indian captain Virat Kohli. On Twitter, Aamir shared a photo of Turkish actor Cavit Cetin Guner, who plays Dogan Bey or ‘Roshan’ as his name has been dubbed in the Urdu version.

And Pakistanis agree with Muhammad Amir on this

Some people started to make other comparisons

While Indians had no idea what’s going on, lol xD

PTV Dirilis: Ertugrul show depicts the Muslim history and for once has people that look like Muslims, hence the show is quite relatable. Tell us in the comments what episode or season you are on.

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