An unfortunate incident took place today at 2:37 pm when a PIA plane crashed onto the homes of people living near karachi airport. The pilot tried his best to save the plane but to our dismay the plane crashed. The plane was flying from lahore to karachi.
Around a hundred people were aboard. The famous model Zara Abid was on the ill-fated plane as well.

Model Zara Abid

Up until now only 2 people are confirmed survivors. No official news regarding Zara has appeared yet but it is feared that Zara is no more. Despite no official confirmation from the authorities regarding Zara, celebrities are taking to social media to appreciate and remember Zara as a phenomenal person and model.

It has been confirmed by her close friends. Freiha Altaf confirmed on twitter saying that Model Zara Abid was coming back from a family funeral.

Esra Bilgic aka Halima SultanShares Her Condolences Over Zara Abid

Esra Belgic About Zara Abid

Farah Yousaf

One of the anchor from SAMA TV claimed in tweet that Zara Abid is Alive but injured.

So far only 3 have survived the crash, one of them is the President of Bank of Punjab Zafar Masood. The DNA of the rest of the victims shall be checked in order to identify them. The PK8303 crashed into 4-storey building. The plane crashed one-minute before estimate time of landing. People are praying for their loved ones as some bodies after identification are being returned to their families.

*NOTE: This is a developing story. The data in this report is subject to change. 

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