Devops is basically the combination of 2 words; Development and Operations. It is important to understand that devops is a philosophy, a set of practices, not a software. It is a culture that implements technology in order to promote collaboration between development and operations teams; deploying code to production faster in an automated way. It is a relatively new concept and in 2014 large companies such as Target, Nordstrom and LEGO became some of the first companies to bring DevOps into the enterprise.

As DevOps is intended to be a cross-functional mode of working, those who practice the methodology use different sets of tools called toolchains. Some toolchains according to, for development and delivery process, are following:

  1. Coding – code development and review, source code management tools, code merging.
  2. Building – continuous integration tools, build status.
  3. Testing – continuous testing tools that provide quick and timely feedback on business risks.
  4. Packaging – artifact repository, application pre-deployment staging.
  5. Releasing – change management, release approvals, release automation.
  6. Configuring – infrastructure configuration and management, infrastructure as code tools.
  7. Monitoring – applications performance monitoring, end-user experience.

Docker, Jenkins, Ansible, Terraform are just a few of the tools used by devops in automation process. One can automate software releases, testing, deployment etc.

Career In Devops:

Ayesha Khaliq, a devops lead at Emumba(it has clients such as twitch), suggested that choosing software engineering was an “accidental good choice” and how it prepared her for the future. In a zoom call organized by Zainab Batool, a lecturer at Bahria university, she explained how this is a relatively new field with great job potential. One year or so may be required for a devops job. She ended the session remarking that we should keep up with technology and that this field is an excellent field.

According to glassdoor, a devops job makes around $100,000 average in US alone, with $72k being the entry level and 6 figures as median salary. A report published by The Linux Foundation by the title Open Source Jobs, showed that 60 percent of the hiring managers in US are actively looking to hire and fill DevOps practitioner positions. 42% of the employers responded to the report by stating that they would like to add devops expertise across their hiring portfolio —which makes DevOps skills rank among the 5 top sought after skills.

An Excellent Roadmap/Guide to Devops

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